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Birthdate:May 29
Location:DC, United States of America
The majority of my posts are friends only. If you friend me and I don't already know you from LJ, please send me an email as I'd like to know more about you before I add you. Thanks.

I am a pop culture fanatic. I love television, movies, music, theater.

I am also a slash fan and love when two beautiful men fall in love. I have written fanfic in Oz, The Sentinel, Due South and Smallville fandoms, although I am not currently writing any fic.

Contrary to popular belief, my nickname Tobyfan did not come from my immense and unending adoration of Toby Beecher on Oz (and subsequently Lee Tergesen, who played Toby). It actually came from my immediate, intense and undying love for Toby Ziegler (Richard Schiff) on the West Wing in 1999. I joined a WW message board, needed a nickname and that one came off the top of my head. It was nice then, that in 2000, when I discovered Lee Tergesen and his amazing portrayal of Tobias Beecher, that my nickname was already chosen. Thus, my default icon (made for me by [profile] mrbig1316) tells the Tale of Two Tobies and my love for them both.

Terrence Mann (Beauty and the Beast, Cats, Les Miserables) is my favorite Broadway actor/singer. His voice can melt your panties off.

My favorite musical is Jesus Christ Superstar; has been for 35 years or so.

My favorite author is William Stryon and my favorite novel is Sophie's Choice.

My favorite movie is The Princess Bride.

My favorite tv show (2012) is currently Dexter, with Leverage coming in a close second.

My favorite (currently) boys-in-love are Danny Williams and Steve McGarrett of Hawaii Five-0, followed closely by Peter and Neal on White Collar.

My favorite music is folk and my favorite band is Buskin & Batteau.

My favorite food is chicken cacciatore.

My favorite drink is iced tea.

My favorite color is yellow.


My webpages are down permanently. My three Due South stories (TLC, The Eyes Have It, and Separation) can be found here. Most of my Oz fic can be found here. My smallville stories can be found here. My Sentinel stories can be found here. Anything else, I will be happy to email to you privately if you write.


Lee Tergesen (Tobias Beecher on Oz) has been my favorite actor since 2001 (Jan. 28th is my anniversary!) - a personal record for me. I've been blessed to meet him 12 times between 2002 and 2011. You can read about my meetings with Lee here


Interests (149):

al pacino, alan rickman, alan tudyk, alien nation, american gothic, angel the series, antonio banderas, beecher, beecher/keller, benton fraser, bill pullman, blair sandburg, blue bloods, bluegrass, bobby cannavale, boston legal, bradley whitford, brandon/chaz, breaking in, brian dennehy, british television shows, broadway musicals, burn notice, callum keith rennie, canadian actors, canadian films, canadian television shows, cary elwes, chris bauer, christian kane, christopher meloni, clark/lex, danny/steve, david caruso, david mamet, dexter, diane lane, dominic monaghan, donnie wahlberg, due south, durham county, ed harris, edward norton, emilio estevez, entourage, eric mccormack, eric stoltz, fanfic, fiona glenanne, firefly, flash, flashpoint, folk music, frank langella, fraser/rayk, fred/wesley, fringe, garett maggart, gary cole, gary oldman, gary sinise, geoffrey rush, good guys, greg kinnear, hard core logo, hawaii 50, holly hunter, hugh dillon, ianto/jack, iron man, james spader, jarod, jason isaacs, jeffrey donovan, jeremy piven, jim ellison, jim/blair, john barrowman, john cowan, john gorka, joseph fiennes, justice league, justin kirk, kane, keller, kenneth branagh, kevin kline, lee tergesen, leverage, lex luthor, lie to me, luther, mark ruffalo, matt bomer, mercy, michael cerveris, michael rosenbaum, michael t weiss, michael westin, molly price, monk, nanci griffith, natalie portman, naveen andrews, new grass revival, nurse jackie, oz, paul giamatti, paul gross, paul michael glaser, peter/neal, pittsburgh, ralph fiennes, ray kowalski, richard burgi, richard schiff, robert downey jr, sam axe, shawn colvin, six feet under, slash, smallville, smallville rps, spike, stanley tucci, star trek, star trek:tng, stephen rea, stephen sondheim, steve zahn, sweeney todd, tennesee williams, terrence mann, the pretender, the sentinel, third watch, tim roth, timothy hutton, tobias beecher, toby ziegler, tom fontana, torchwood, viggo mortensen, wash, west wing, white collar, wilby wonderful, william hurt, writing
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